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The world around us is a simple multiple of any existing idea, born out of individual desires. These ideas give shape and understanding to the desire, coming from experience of the idea.

We are very curious by nature, tend to look for what there is to be discovered. What we find, defines in all ways possible the desire we had for seeking it, thus allowing desire to learn intrinsically. For the world of desire and ideas already exist, but understanding and knowledge of it, we learn by interaction.

But how does business fit in? What do we desire to find in business relationships? Which ideas are put forth? Is there a difference between a business relation and a friend relation. Are not both relationships based on trust? We see the most simplest of examples of trust in our interaction with business relations; if we cannot shake hands on it, no deal. Without the trust of physical contact, there's no trust for the relationship, a relationship is a constitution of a contract, which is in short is a deal.

So how can we bring people together on a network event and by doing so give intrinsic meaning towards interactions that are needed to take place. Network events are there to provide setting for bringing people together so to make new connections. It is the business reason for the attendee attending and the objective of the event organizer to facilitate. But is every new connection made, by just simply throwing people together, a good business friend relationship?

With the many business events Embraceled _Blue has had the privilege of participating in, varying from small to large business corp. in the Netherlands and abroad, she can draw but one conclusion every time: People come together, when they share a mutual trust within an experience.

To put it simply: Communication initiates, when there is shared topic of interest arriving from the experience, setting or theme. By spotting a company name on a badge and immediately jumping into the sales conversation, one is considered to be too eager, but just plainly stating the coffee flavor to the person standing next to you at the coffee stand is considered to open. It needs to have the theme of the event attending to be enclosed in the manner of conversation, for it to suit the proper conversation and desire for it.

So how can we initiate communication based on thematics. How can we bring to light shared interests. How can we serve the topic of conversation and give first mutual trust. By braking down a barrier, with a tiny bit of technology and key statement: Making it fun en functional.

Embraceled_Blue is a smart bracelet. For it can carry a visitors' profile. There is a profile for making new contacts for example, existing of fun and functional thematic topics of conversation, which come to light by being near matches.

For the Embraceled _Blue can share and compare its profile with bracelets nearby, in search for mutual matches.

When a match is nearby, both matching bracelets will light up in the color of their mutual interest. The faster the bracelet blinks, the closer you are to your match. The color of the blinking light, gives the mutual interest, so you immediately have a mutually shared topic for conversation.

Of course the _Blue has the ability to share contact information after a pleasant conversation. Simply hold the bracelets together and the connection will be made.

Embraceled _Blue - Making it fun and functional

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