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Welcome to a world of efficiency, speed and effectiviness. A stand holders event or trade show, is in a figure of speech a long race of endurance of repeated short sprints to goals. The goal being a stand holder seeking as many as possible fitting exposures amongst visiting participants.

Trade shows are often sponsored events for specific industry. A gathering of the many players of the specific marketplace, in search of rich continuity amongst visiting participants.

Way in advance stand position, lay-out, crew and materials are booked for the backbreaking sprints of interaction upon interaction. Amongst visiting participants could be those unique matches, to help the business thrive or grow. As fast and effectively as possible, searching for those points of sale. Trade shows are gradually becoming more and more popular, for its context of bringing together the fitting segmented industry and customers.

Participants are also increasingly planning ahead. In preparation, most participants have already set themselves out on a route to take, products to see, stands to visit and relations to speak. As tiny water streams making new ways through the cracks of dry sand, so the interest spreads amongst the trade show's area. Making every stand holder dream of being in a combined stream of streams, a river of participants.

So also the visiting participant knows exactly for what, whom and goal its attending. As determined as the stand holder needs to be regarding its precious time, so the visitor. Both seeking to find their exact matches the fastest and by the most efficient route possible.

Sometimes we take a route of spicing up stand, crew and material, for spicing it up opens awaiting the thirst quenching water. With product demonstrations, new-new-new elements, stand luring crew, all to out ruff competition. For an empty stand, is so silently yelling not to enter.

But how, amongst this fastness of hodgepodge, is it possible to bring people together? People who are of value to one another. Not because they got caught in all the hodgepodge, but of wanting to find one another based on mutual interest.

How do we bring measurable results, live, now! Fast and effective, based on mutual interest,, about people's value to people. Can these small creeks of water flow of apparent coincidence be guided, channeled, integrated in flowing rivers as if to be managed with proper water management. Might we introduce Embraceled _Purple, born out of root knowledge of water management, the Dutch perspective.

By use of the interactive bracelet _Purple and her all measuring infrastructure integrated in the stake holders area, we are able to control the waterways the Dutch way. By knowing the needs of the sponsors, stand holders and visitors, _Purple can determine and share goals. By measuring flow of visitors, combined we have the need and necessity of proper water management. From where we are able to ask and answer questions like:

  • How predictable are routes of visitors;
  • How long does a visitor visit a stand;
  • Which type of participant visits which kind of stands;
  • Is the hodgepodge of spicy lures effective and profitable vs the amount of connections and type of connections made;
  • Is stand location important, does the stand across the coffee corner give more traffic on stand and can sales be increased?
  • Does lay-out of the stake holders area, of corridors and pathways, placing of its facilities and entries give a predictable flow or regulation of flow of visitors?

What if you would know all this? Then yourname would be Embraceled _Purple

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