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Welcome, let me introduce myself

_SkyBlue is the name. I would like to describe myself as a container, containing of made contacts. Contacts derived from introduction, necessary for grand production, of what was ducted to new contacts of what could be conducted. Deducted of course, deriving from a pleasant conversation.

The repeated handy handling of shaking hands, sometimes hands us being unhanded of handing over paper cards. Luckily, a solution is at hand. Wrist worn bracelets, handely close at hand handy.

Time of paper you see, has steadily flown. Our rolodex has become an index of an in the x-amount of contacts that need to be ready of being searched, for how to conduct further contact. For you see these containers of contacts are contacts belonging to possible contracts and there within certain media in which we can mediate for further mediation for the purpose of this social contact becoming a business contract. Instead of allowing these letter types in a type of letter case lettered by their letter and letting it get in the way of the type of follow up to the letter, we should be asking ourselves; Why do we approach this simple busyness of business to be so difficult?

How can we make this fun and functional again?

How to bring simplicity in midst of multiplicity.

By making it simple again, with a touch of technology.

By use of a simple attendee list Embraceled is able to take care of a unique coupling of bracelet and participant. Allowing all, in making simple contact amongst one another.

Of course Embraceled will make sure all made contacts and information are properly available for participants and event organiser.

In short, fun & functional in networking

I want this!


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