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Every type of event is defined by its unique character. This character shows itself by the type of interaction it allows its participants to undertake. By characterization it unfolds CSS events (Congress, seminar and symposium) to have similarities but separation by type of participation by interaction.

The interaction desired by congresses, enabling two way broadcast of information, is in opposition of the interaction as shown by seminars as in we can clearly see one transmitter of information and the participant being the receivers. The participant takes a passive role for allowing information gathering by listening. Here we find the opposition of seminar to symposium, in where the symposium's visitor is actively gathering information. Interaction here is characterized by the participants being all receivers of information, but actively searching amongst transmitters for information.

So how to support these differences in interaction and how to bring them to light? How to use simple technology in the support and realization of fun and functional interaction. Might we introduce; Embraceled _Yelow.

Embraceled _Yellow allows for support and fitting shaping of the event by some key functionalities. All in the scope of the desired form of interaction. Who is sharing what and for which purpose.

_Yellow allows the organizer to use functionality as tools for further strengthening in expression and interaction of participants amongst themselves and in between information broadcasters.

Match! In search of broadcasters of like minded others? With _Yellow's smart Match! tool a participant is enabled to quickly find its source of inspiration or like minded other. All based on shared preferences.

Divide! With this tool _Yellow provides the organizer ease and comfort. When planned activities are due, when separations or dividing of participants in groups, rooms or programs are needed, divide resolves by smart coloring. _Yellow's tool Divide! also enables more information and interaction for participants. Which departments are present, who where project leads, best performing colleagues, any information known, can be brought to light.

Vote! Really allows for particpants involvement. Every participants' bracelet can be enabled to share an opinion of the collective present. Motivations behind thesis intake can be shown by embraceled's interactive voting system. With this vote-to-light system, next to giving the collective result, each individual participant is enabled to show their color. An ideal situation for a speaker or broadcaster of information to participate in the interaction and dive into depths on the topics at hand.

Embraceled _Yellow - Making it Fun & Functional

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